How I See the AI Triggering A War-Or, Stopping It

A feud. A party approaching justice. Victim and culprit already decided in the eyes of ‘Justice’. What prevails? Perspective.

Human life is vulnerable to inclinations. We all are brought up believing what our ‘upbringers’ believe, and even the authors of the publications we read have lineages and beliefs they portray in their literary expression. Yes, like those poems taught in school we all are puppets in the hands of someone.

And here comes the time AI-where man invents the Robot who does your work for you-a a puppet that needs no string but batteries and the internet. You feed it the info you want it to know, there is no dearth of perspective but there is a unanimous umbrella of Virtuality and Augmentation irrespective of belief. There is no alternative now, and producers of alternatives are ‘hostile to change’.

All of us stare in awe at the glory of the ease and newness of things technology has brought us-we can’t have enough of the miracles our computers then and our smartphones now unravel before us. The squeaky or heavy versions of our own voice and now the different filters that convert us into cute rabbit-hamster-mouse-pup-kitten hybrids, we just can’t bring ourselves back to reality.

Come back from the screen with strained eyes and altered sleep patterns, and you cannot ignore the dread this mechanical extension of our mind will bring us.McLuhan was welcome to knives and bulbs as extensions to human eyes and hands, but now have we gone that lazy that we need extensions to existence?

A century ago, we had battled worklessness and The Great Depression-no work, no food. And they were just lifeless, brainless machines in the Industrial Revolution, the entire demography of our planet was spun. These are mechanical lives with intelligence, and filmmakers and authors have predetermined the consequences of being too accepting, to the extent of being spineless to change.

It cannot be countered that the AI is more focussed and technical, in captive and inconquerable to human ‘weaknesses’ of tiredness and emotion. Unbeatable at chess today, they are and definitely will be unmatched in work and even war.

But what if the moguls of technology use it not to work more and increase their revenue but academicians and analysts use it to verify truth based on all available facts? What if our wired, electronic friends are programmed sans ideology and perspective and distinguish between what is socially correct and what is justifiably correct? Then we could rely on unbiased verdicts without the defeated parties crying ‘foul play’. From umpires to referees and analytical senior journalists and men of law, all could rely on robots and Artificial Intelligence to avoid the biases of Real, Human Intelligence? It would still be incorrect to rely on complete ‘Technologi-fication’ of any work because 7 million people will play with their phones, but they need food in their stomach and work for a meaningful life. Only if we could devise a check against discrepancies.



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