Gauri Joshi
2 min readMay 5, 2022


Melancholy grips me as I bid adieu to someone who read and reacted to what I wrote. I am too late..I did not call her, text her, or write to her.
Why does death have to remind us that a soul can be set free from the cage of flesh and bones, and it is now that we have because the next moment is unforeseen?

I saw you.

And I could not even see you for the last time.

I knew I had no tears, it was just the blazing heat that caused the trickle-down of precipitation.

You had many who loved you because the crematorium was full.

And yet, you were lonely.

We did not love you in time.

You kept proving your worth, and that same hustle took you away.

But as your Nani said, you were not alive cosmically.

I realise, you are an angel.

The kid I taught, is now going to be my guiding light

And not just because you left before me, but because you filled the world with logic and reason.

You gave free psychology mentoring to not me, but so many.

And yet, why do I feel you had nobody?

I was absent too. You always complained that I don’t call enough

How I wish I could call now, or post a picture of us

But you are gone.

I am too late.

I procrastinated, again.

I will suffice myself by saying you have been taken away from the misery of the world

The expectations, toxicity and tantrums

I was always scared someone may use you

But you left too soon, you had just started living

Why does your death come like a brutal lesson in living and retaining relations?

Hidden behind the flames, you left without a bye

I was there, to see you one last time

But you left already, and I don’t know if it matters now.

A part of me hopes you can know what I feel,

And a part of me wants that you depart in peace,

Because this world never deserved you.

Will I, or the ones who loved you, work for making it better?

Or will we live each year in ruin, turning more impure each passing moment?

You had so much to say, and we knew you too little

Even if I know some things you may have wanted to say,

They are blurred in the smoke of your remnants and the blur of my tears.

You were not meant for this world, and yet you saw too little of what good things life could offer.

Come back, in some form, because this world is too bad without you.

It’s unbearable.